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Library of ChatGPT prompts to hone communication skills.
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What is PromptVibes?

PromptVibes is a platform that offers a wide range of chat prompts for various purposes, including coding, design, marketing, productivity, and more. It curates the top 3 ChatGPT prompts each day and delivers them through a daily newsletter. The prompts are designed to inspire creativity and encourage users to think outside their comfort zones. PromptVibes aims to help users expand their creative potential and stay updated with the latest trends in their respective fields.



⚡Top 5 PromptVibes Features:

  1. Jailbreak conversation prompts: Provides conversation prompts for different categories such as jailbreaks.
  2. Expert chats: Offers expert conversations for various topics.
  3. Productivity tools: Includes tools for enhancing productivity.
  4. Fun prompts: Provides prompts for entertaining activities.
  5. AI-generated writing assistance: Offers AI-assisted writing support for essays, stories, speeches, and language learning programs.



⚡Top 5 PromptVibes Use Cases:

  1. Create a chatbot for a website: Utilize the provided prompts to develop a conversational interface for a website.
  2. Generate writing prompts for a blog: Leverage the prompts to create engaging content for a blog.
  3. Practice a new language with AI assistance: Use the language learning program to improve language skills with AI guidance.
  4. Generate content for YouTube videos: Utilize the prompts to create captions, descriptions, or scripts for YouTube videos.
  5. Create custom text adventure games: Develop interactive games using the provided prompts and AI capabilities.

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