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What is Props AI?

Props AI is a platform designed to help businesses monitor and monetize their AI applications. It provides tools for tracking usage, errors, and latency, as well as pricing insights to understand the economics of AI applications. Users can integrate Props AI in under five minutes and choose from various plans, including a free starter plan and a PRO plan with dedicated support. The platform offers options for enterprise customers and even an open-source version for those who prefer self-hosting. Props AI aims to simplify the process of managing AI applications and understanding their performance metrics.



⚡Top 5 Props AI Features:

  1. Per User Breakdown: Tracks all usage at a customer level, providing token, cost, and usage tracking for all users.
  2. Error & Latency Tracking: Ensures users receive expected experiences by showing how often AI requests fail and on which queries.
  3. Pricing Insights: Offers knowledge of unit-level economics of AI applications, displaying how much each user costs and pricing guidance.
  4. Usage-Based Billing: Connects to Stripe to charge users based on their number of requests or tokens used.
  5. Integration: Easy setup in less than 5 minutes, with support for implementation issues.



⚡Top 5 Props AI Use Cases:

  1. Monitoring and Monetization: Helps businesses monitor their OpenAI API usage and monetize it effectively.
  2. Data Processing and Storage: Offers data processing and storage capabilities to manage large user bases.
  3. Custom Integrations: Provides custom integrations tailored to specific business needs.
  4. Compliance & SLAs: Ensures compliance with industry standards and service level agreements.
  5. Host It Yourself: Allows users to host the solution on their own infrastructure if desired.

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