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Repurpose videos for social media with automated clip extraction.
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What is Qlip AI?

Qlip AI is an AI-powered tool designed to extract viral clips from long videos swiftly, aiming to enhance reach across social media and boost sponsoring revenue. It provides features like Punchline score, AI feedback loop, and text-based editing to create compelling, trend-based shorts from long-form conversational video content. The platform supports English and French languages, with plans for Spanish release soon, and offers a free trial along with affordable subscription plans.



⚡ Top 5 Qlip AI Features:

  1. Punchline Score: This feature uses AI to detect the most compelling punchlines within a video, ensuring it starts with an engaging one.
  2. AI Feedback Loop: The AI learns from clips that performed well with your audience and recommends similar highlights for future content.
  3. Text-Based Editing: Users can select any parts of the transcript and generate new clips. It also allows users to trim parts and remove fillers like “uhm” and “ehh”.
  4. Viral Clip Extraction: Qlip AI’s proprietary AI model is trained to turn long-form conversational video content into shorts with high viral potential.
  5. Multi-Language Support: The platform currently supports English and French, with plans to add Spanish soon and more languages by Q4 2024.



⚡ Top 5 Qlip AI Use Cases:

  1. Video Podcasts: Qlip AI can be used to extract viral clips from lengthy video podcasts, enhancing their reach on social media and attracting more listeners.
  2. Educational Content: Educators or online course creators can use this tool to create short, engaging clips from their long-form educational videos, making it easier for students to grasp key points.
  3. Product Reviews: Reviewers can highlight the most compelling parts of their product review videos, capturing viewers’ attention and driving engagement.
  4. Coaching Sessions: Coaches can convert their long coaching sessions into bite-sized clips, providing valuable insights in a digestible format.
  5. Interviews: Interviewers can use Qlip AI to highlight the most interesting or insightful parts of their interviews, making them more shareable and engaging for audiences.


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