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What is QuantPlus?

QuantPlus is an AI-driven platform that provides creative insights for advertising. It collects and analyzes trillions of ad creatives from various platforms like Facebook, Google Display, Instagram, and Twitter. The Quant AI Engine breaks down each ad into individual text and image elements, analyzing, categorizing, and tagging data points. Then, it compares these elements to performance data such as engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, and spend over time. Finally, it ranks the highest performing ad elements in each category, offering rich creative insights to inform marketing campaigns. These insights are designed to complement existing creative workflows and can lead to improved ROI, with reported results ranging from 33% to 300%. The platform is suitable for anyone involved in domestic or international creative generation, including marketers and creative teams.



⚡Top 5 QuantPlus Features:

  1. AI-Driven Creative Insights: QuantPlus offers data-driven creative intelligence to inform marketing campaigns by analyzing and comparing ad elements to performance data.
  2. Rich Data Analysis: The platform collects trillions of ad creatives from major platforms and uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and categorize data points.
  3. Performance Metrics Comparison: QuantPlus compares each ad element to performance data like engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, and spend over time.
  4. Ranked Elements: The platform ranks the highest performing ad elements in each category, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  5. Complimentary Workflow Integration: QuantPlus aims to complement existing creative workflows by offering insights that inform better creative decisions during the design process.



⚡Top 5 QuantPlus Use Cases:

  1. Informed Marketing Campaigns: Marketers can leverage QuantPlus insights to make data-driven decisions about their advertising strategies.
  2. Reduced Risk and Improved ROI: By understanding what has worked in their industry, marketers can minimize risks and maximize returns on investment.
  3. Enhanced Creative Development: Creative teams can use QuantPlus insights to inform their designs and develop more effective ad campaigns.
  4. Adaptable Insights: As data sets renew annually, QuantPlus provides up-to-date insights on market trends and consumer behavior.
  5. Customized Solutions: QuantPlus caters to various industries and brands, offering tailored solutions to meet specific creative needs.

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