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Access chatbot, summarizer, custom prompts for websites.
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What is Quicky AI?

QuickyAI is a browser extension that provides instant access to ChatGPT on any website. With features like summarization, custom prompts, and integration with OpenAI, it aims to enhance productivity and streamline online interactions. Users can activate the extension using a license key and access it across multiple browsers. The extension supports both basic and premium licenses, offering varying levels of activation and customization options.



⚡Top 5 Quicky AI Features:

  1. Supports all popular browsers: Quicky AI works seamlessly across various browsers.
  2. Instant access to ChatGPT: Access ChatGPT directly on the same page where you work.
  3. Chat with any webpage: Engage in instant conversations with any webpage using a chatbot.
  4. Summarize in one click: Effortlessly summarize articles or web pages with a single click.
  5. Create your own prompts: Customize prompts to suit your specific needs and preferences.



⚡Top 5 Quicky AI Use Cases:

  1. Access ChatGPT on any site: Enhance productivity by integrating ChatGPT into your online activities.
  2. Rapidly summarize content: Save time by quickly summarizing long articles or web pages.
  3. Customizable prompts: Tailor prompts to fit your unique requirements and tasks.
  4. Seamless integration: Enjoy a smooth experience as Quicky AI works directly within your browser.
  5. Improved communication: Facilitate more effective interactions with websites and webpages.

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