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What is Recall?

Recall is a web application designed to help users summarize and save online content, including YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, and PDFs. It uses AI-driven summarization to extract key points from content and automatically categorizes saved content based on what it mentions, making it easier for users to find relevant information again in the future. Recall also offers features such as automatic connections between new and existing content, spaced repetition for learning, data export to markdown format, offline access, security measures, and data portability. The application is used by professionals who have reported increased productivity and knowledge development due to its capabilities.



⚡Top 5 Recall Features:

  1. Summarize Any Online Content: Users can summarize any online content, such as YouTube videos, blog posts, PDFs, and more, saving it to their knowledge base.
  2. Automatic Connections: New content that users save is automatically linked with existing content, helping to resurface related information.
  3. Automatic Categorization: Recall uses AI to categorize saved content, eliminating the need for manual categorization and reducing inconsistencies.
  4. Spaced Repetition: A learning technique that encourages users to review information at increasing intervals over time, enhancing long-term retention.
  5. Data Portability: Users can export their notes to markdown format, giving them direct control over their data and facilitating interoperability with other applications.



⚡Top 5 Recall Use Cases:

  1. Save Time: Recall enables users to extract key information from lengthy videos within a few seconds, saving time and improving productivity.
  2. Retain Information: By focusing on the main points, users can retain information more effectively and combat the forgetting curve.
  3. Find Connections: A knowledge graph helps users discover connections between saved content, fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics.
  4. Efficient Learning: Recall supports spaced repetition, a proven learning technique that adapts to individual needs and improves memory retention.
  5. Personal Knowledge Base: A comprehensive tool for building a robust personal knowledge base, integrating various forms of online content and facilitating efficient organization and retrieval.

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