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Personalized news via WhatsApp/Telegram with minimal notifications.
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Recapit News Features

Recapit is a personalized daily news podcast that allows users to skip the hassle of keeping track of various news sources and receive all their desired news topics in one place. It enables users to save up to 45 minutes per day and stay informed with the latest news on their preferred topics. Top 5 features:

– Get 3 minute personalized updates
– Delivered to WhatsApp or Telegram
– Select from 60,000 news sources
– Minimize notifications
– Customize host’s voice and speed

Top 5 use cases:

– Stay up to date on current events
– Get daily news and updates on preferred topics
– Save time by eliminating the need to search multiple sources
– Craft personalized recaps
– Reduce information overload with fewer notifications.


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