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Automatically generate branded release notes from Jira tickets
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What is Released?

Released.so is a website that offers AI-generated release notes and changelogs for Jira projects. It aims to simplify the process of creating release notes by transforming Jira issues into engaging stories, providing a WYSIWYG editor for easy writing, and offering an issue filter for quick compilation of changes. Released also supports publishing release notes directly to websites, sharing them through an in-app widget, or embedding them in Confluence.



⚡Top 5 Released Features:

  1. AI Copywriter: Efficiently transform Jira issues into release notes.
  2. WYSIWYG Editor: Drag & drop for easy release note creation.
  3. Issue Filter: Seamlessly compile changelists in seconds.
  4. Publish in Seconds: Broadcast updates to various platforms.
  5. Share and Embed: Integrate release notes into preferred publishing tools.



⚡Top 5 Released Use Cases:

  1. Communication: Share release notes with customers and teams effectively.
  2. Security: Benefit from state-of-the-art user management and top-tier security.
  3. Time-Saving: Generate release notes 10x faster compared to traditional methods.
  4. Customization: Gain control with customizable roles for precise access management.
  5. Integration: Easily synchronize release notes with other platforms and tools.

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