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What is RestoGPT?

RestoGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to help restaurants create commission-free online ordering storefronts for takeout and delivery services. It features an AI digital worker that manages and delivers all orders, allowing restaurants to operate without third-party platforms taking a cut of their sales. By submitting a restaurant’s name, the platform generates a custom online ordering interface that can be ready within 24 hours.



⚡Top 5 RestoGPT Features:

  1. Customizable Online Storefront: Generate a unique, commission-free online ordering platform tailored specifically for each restaurant.
  2. AI Menu Conversion: The AI technology transforms a restaurant’s menu into a functional digital storefront, enabling seamless order processing.
  3. Order Management System: RestoGPT offers a comprehensive solution for managing takeout and delivery orders through its digital workforce.
  4. 24-hour Availability: The AI-powered system ensures customers can place orders anytime, providing round-the-clock service.
  5. Commission-Free Platform: The platform does not charge any commission fees, allowing restaurants to keep more of their revenue.



⚡Top 5 RestoGPT Use Cases:

  1. Increased Efficiency: By automating the ordering process, restaurants can streamline operations and reduce manual labor costs.
  2. Expanded Customer Base: The online platform allows restaurants to reach a wider audience beyond their local area, increasing potential sales.
  3. Improved Order Accuracy: With AI assistance, orders are less likely to be misinterpreted or misunderstood, ensuring customers receive their correct orders.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: The user-friendly online ordering system provides a convenient and seamless experience for customers.
  5. Real-time Order Tracking: RestoGPT enables restaurants to track orders in real-time, providing transparency and improving customer satisfaction.

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