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Craft unique soundscapes with 2M+ sources & effects.
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Riffusion Features

RIFFUSION is the perfect platform for real-time music creation and diffusion. It provides users with an intuitive and customizable tool for seamless generation and delivery of complex and varied soundscape pieces. RIFFUSION utilizes cutting-edge technology to enable users to access a catalog of over 2 million sound sources and blend them with their own recordings to create stunning soundscapes.

Top 5 Features:
– Professional and intuitive interface
– Access to 2 million sound sources
– Ability to mix own recordings with sound sources
– Ability to adjust volume and intensity of sound sources
– High-quality sound diffusion

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Live performance and soundscape creation
– Music production and editing
– Film and video game soundtracks
– Radio broadcasting
– Ambient soundscapes


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