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What is Rise?

Rise Calendar is an intelligent scheduling tool designed to help users manage their time effectively. It offers various features such as automatic optimization of schedules, conflict resolution, and focus time protection. Users can input their daily activities, including meetings, standups, and other commitments, which the calendar then organizes based on priority and availability. Additionally, Rise provides smart scheduling links that suggest optimal meeting times and automatically blocks off focus time when needed. The platform is praised for its ability to integrate personal and professional calendars, making it easier to manage time across different aspects of life. Overall, Rise aims to streamline scheduling and increase productivity by providing a comprehensive and adaptable calendar solution.



⚡Top 5 Rise Calendar Features:

  • Schedule Optimization: Rise helps users schedule, optimize, and protect their day to give them more time for what’s important.
  • Conflict Resolution: Rise automatically improves focus time and resolves conflicts by upgrading important events to flexible meetings and taking care of the rest.
  • Smart Scheduling Links: Rise includes built-in scheduling links that nudge towards times that optimize for maximum focus time, allowing users to schedule with multiple teammates.
  • Focus Guard: FocusGuard monitors the user’s calendar and blocks off focus time when it’s needed, helping users protect their focus time goals while being more available.
  • Team Collaboration: Rise allows users to add teammates or rooms, manage timezone differences, and take meeting preferences into account, making it easier to find the best time for meetings.



⚡Top 5 Rise Calendar Use Cases:

  • Meeting Planning: Users can plan meetings with ease using Rise’s smart scheduling links, which suggest optimal times based on focus time and teammate availability.
  • Time Management: By automating cross-calendar blocking, Rise ensures that users don’t double-book appointments or miss important events.
  • Focus Time Protection: With FocusGuard, users can protect their focus time goals by having the calendar monitor their schedule and block off necessary focus time.
  • Team Coordination: Rise enables teams to collaborate effectively by managing timezone differences and providing an overview of each team member’s availability.
  • Efficient Meeting Optimization: One-click meeting optimizations allow users to accept suggested meeting times that work for everyone, saving valuable time.

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