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Transcribe audio/video in 100+ languages with speaker detection.
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What is Riverside fm?

Riverside fm is an all-in-one platform for podcast and video recording, editing, and publishing. The platform provides studio-quality recordings with separate tracks for increased control, and uses AI to transcribe content and assist in editing. It’s used by individuals and businesses looking to create high-quality audio and visual content, with features tailored to meet various user needs, from beginners starting a new project to professionals seeking uncompromising quality.



⚡ Top 5 Riverside fm Features:

  1. Studio-Quality Recordings: Users can easily capture high-quality audio and video, comparable to what you’d get in a professional studio
  2. Separate Tracks: The platform records each participant on separate tracks, providing greater control during the editing process
  3. AI Transcriptions: Riverside fm incorporates AI technology to transcribe recordings, making it easier to edit or repurpose content
  4. Fast Editing with Magic Clips: With the help of AI, Riverside fm offers a quick way to clip and edit content, saving users time in post-production
  5. Uncompressed and Uncompromised Quality: Maintain the original quality of the recordings without compression, ensuring your final product is as high quality as possible



⚡ Top 5 Riverside fm Use Cases:

  1. Podcast Creation: Individuals or organizations looking to produce high-quality podcasts can use Riverside fm to record, edit, and publish their content
  2. Video Interviews: The platform is ideal for recording video interviews, as it captures separate tracks for each participant, ensuring the highest quality
  3. Online Courses: Educators can leverage studio-quality audio and video to create engaging online course material
  4. Webinars and Virtual Events: Businesses can host webinars or virtual events, with the platform’s features ensuring a smooth, high-quality experience
  5. Radio Shows: Traditional radio shows looking to transition to a digital format can utilize Riverside fm for recording, editing, and broadcasting their programs

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