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What is RocketAI?

RocketAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to help businesses increase sales and conversions for their e-commerce stores by generating visuals and copy that accurately represent their unique brand styles. Users can upload various types of photos, including close-ups, product profiles, and full-length shots, ensuring the generated designs are as accurate as possible. The platform utilizes AI technology to analyze the provided photos and create designs that closely resemble the actual product appearance. Additionally, RocketAI offers features such as AI Instagram ads, high-quality photoshoots, product designs, and social media posts tailored to specific brands. The platform is powered by Vercel, Replicate, and AWS.



⚡Top 5 RocketAI Features:

  1. Brand Style Capture: Generate visuals and copy that perfectly capture your unique brand style.
  2. High Quality Product Images: Generate high-quality photoshoots of your products with different backgrounds to showcase on your store or ads campaigns.
  3. Product Design Generation: Use your imagination to let AI generate for you hundreds of different product designs based on your product images.
  4. AI Social Media Content: Use AI to generate new Instagram ads and social media posts tailored to your brand.
  5. Easy Integration: With one click, unlock the power of AI to create ads, product images, descriptions and copy for your e-commerce store.

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