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Secure SaaS apps with database, authentication, monetization layers.
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What is ROQ?

ROQ Dev is a platform designed to simplify the process of building multi-tenant, multi-role Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing data, APIs, and user access through its data and API layer. Key features include secure data queries written directly in frontend code, support for social logins and two-factor authentication, organization creation and management, role setup and access control, and integration with Stripe for subscription-based monetization. Additionally, ROQ offers tools for rapid schema deployment and migration, making it easier for developers to manage their data layer and focus on building features rather than dealing with complex authorization and access management tasks.



⚡Top 5 ROQ Dev Features:

  1. Secure data queries: Write secure data queries directly in your frontend code with authentication, multi-tenancy, roles, and permission checks.
  2. Scalable and highly available Postgres database: We deploy and run a scalable and highly available Postgres database for you.
  3. Secure login & registration forms: Secure login and registration forms are provided with social logins and two-factor authentication (2FA) out of the box.
  4. Roles and access management: Set up roles and manage access to APIs, frontend pages, and sections.
  5. Subscription and billing engine: Easily charge your users by using Stripe’s pre-integrated subscription and billing engine.



⚡Top 5 ROQ Dev Use Cases:

  1. Organize users: Organize your users into organizations or tenants with ease.
  2. Schema building: Build your schema rapidly and robustly with AI assistance.
  3. Data entity review: Review your data entities and their relationships diagrammatically.
  4. Schema deployment: Deploy schema changes and migrations with the click of a button.
  5. Access control: Gate access to APIs or frontend sections based on subscription plans.

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