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Natural language tool for data exploration & visualization in Python & R.
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What is RTutor?

RTutor AI is an AI-powered web application designed to assist users in analyzing data and generating plots, models, and statistics using natural language queries. It utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT or other models to translate user instructions into R code, which is then executed within the Shiny platform. Users can explore their data through the EDA tab, gradually adding complexity to their analyses. The platform supports multiple files with different formats and offers Python support. RTutor can generate comprehensive EDA reports and provides a chat window to help explain code, results, and error messages. It is particularly useful for learning R and statistics. The platform has been updated frequently and requires users to install the RTutor package and create an account at OpenAI to access its services.



⚡Top 5 RTutor Features:

1. Chat with your data via AI: RTutor allows you to interact with your data using natural language, making it easier for users to analyze and understand their data.

2. Comprehensive EDA reports: The platform can generate comprehensive exploratory data analysis (EDA) reports, providing insights into the structure and distribution of the data.

3. Data cleaning: RTutor helps users clean their data by suggesting methods for handling missing values, outliers, and other issues that can affect analysis.

4. Code generation: The platform generates R code based on user instructions, enabling users to analyze their data without needing extensive programming knowledge.

5. Multilingual support: RTutor can understand and generate code in various languages, making it accessible to a broader audience.



⚡Top 5 RTutor Use Cases:

1. Beginner-friendly data analysis: RTutor simplifies the process of analyzing data, allowing users with little or no programming experience to gain insights from their data.

2. Real-time collaboration: Users can work together on data analysis tasks, sharing ideas and insights through the chat interface.

3. Cross-platform compatibility: RTutor can handle multiple file formats, including Excel files, which are commonly used for data preparation.

4. Customizable visualizations: The platform allows users to refine plots and charts generated by previous requests, providing flexibility in data exploration.

5. Integration with OpenAI models: RTutor leverages AI models like ChatGPT to translate natural language into R code, enhancing its capabilities for data analysis.


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