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What is Scenario?

Scenario is an online platform designed to revolutionize game creation by providing AI-generated game assets. Users have control over specific concepts and styles through fine-tuning custom generators, allowing them to create unique and consistent game elements. The platform offers a web application accessible via scenario, focusing on reskinning game characters to enhance player engagement and introduce variety to gaming worlds.



⚡Top 5 Scenario Features:

  1. AI-Generated Game Assets: Scenario allows users to generate exclusive, high-quality, and style-coherent assets for their games using just a few prompts. This simplifies the process of creating assets and ensures consistency in the graphics.
  2. User-Training of AI Models: Users can train their own AI models using their own data, allowing them to maintain consistency and control over the generated assets. This helps to avoid potential legal issues related to generative AI.
  3. Versatility and Integration: Scenario integrates with various game engines and design software, making it a versatile tool for creating and customizing game assets.
  4. Advanced Adjustment Tools: The platform provides advanced features like Composition Control and Pixel-Perfect Inpainting, enabling users to adjust outputs and create infinite variations without compromising on desired aspects.
  5. API-First Approach: Allowing for easy integration into diverse workflows and games, providing flexibility and scalability.



⚡Top 5 Scenario Use Cases:

  1. Mobile Games: Scenario can be used to create assets for mobile games, ensuring consistent graphics and reducing the time and effort required for asset creation.
  2. Tabletop Role-Playing Games:The platform can generate assets for tabletop role-playing games, helping to enhance the overall experience and immersion for players.
  3. Virtual Reality Games: Users can create assets for virtual reality games, contributing to the realistic and engaging environment for players.
  4. Marketing Materials: The platform can generate marketing materials for games, such as posters, trailers, and promotional images, maintaining brand consistency and quality.
  5. Game Prototyping: Creating assets for game prototyping, allowing developers to test and refine ideas before investing in full-scale production.

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