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What is Scribbler?

Scribbler.so is a platform that provides key insights from podcasts and YouTube videos in a concise manner. Users can discover and engage with content easily by searching for specific episodes or topics. The service offers quick, clear summaries and full transcripts, allowing users to identify key takeaways without spending extensive time listening. Additionally, users can subscribe to receive curated email digests containing essential information. Scribbler also provides on-demand summaries, enabling users to request a summary of a podcast or video and receive the core points in seconds. The platform offers both free and premium plans, with optional credit purchases for additional services like chat with content and subscriptions to podcasts.



⚡Top 5 Scribbler Features:

  1. Intuitive Search: Quickly discover and find exactly what you’re looking for in a podcast or video.
  2. Powerful Insights: Get quick, clear summaries and identify key takeaways without spending extra hours listening.
  3. Full Transcripts: Relive moments with precision by navigating episodes using timestamps.
  4. Active Engagement: Interact with the content directly and transform passive listening into active participation.
  5. Curated Email Digests: Stay updated with essential insights delivered straight to your inbox.



⚡Top 5 Scribbler Use Cases:

  1. Speed Running: Quickly summarize and navigate through your favorite podcasts and videos.
  2. Access to Top Content: Explore a wide range of popular podcasts and YouTube videos.
  3. Subscription Options: Choose between free and premium plans based on your needs.
  4. Transcription Services: Opt for on-demand transcriptions at affordable rates.
  5. Library Access: Gain unlimited access to a vast collection of podcasts and videos.

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