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Personalized shopping assistant with support and recommendations.
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What is Shopmate Chat?

Shopmate is an AI-powered chatbot designed as an AI shopping assistant for e-commerce stores. It connects with your online shop within three minutes, learning your products and store information to enhance conversions, increase average order value (AOV), minimize returns, and facilitate effective upselling. The chatbot addresses customer queries instantly and transitions more complex questions to human touchpoints when necessary. It uses data from blogs, FAQs, and internal documents to provide accurate answers at the right time. Additionally, Shopmate transforms browsing into an enjoyable experience through AI-driven product discovery, suggesting items based on occasions, current trends, and social media influences.



⚡Top 5 Shopmate Features:

  1. AI-Powered Product Discovery: Transform browsing into an adventure with AI-driven suggestions based on occasions, current vibes, and social media trends.
  2. Customer Support Handling: Address customer queries instantly and smoothly escalate complex issues to human agents when necessary.
  3. Automatic Store Catalog Sync: Effortlessly keep track of your inventory and offerings through seamless integration with your store.
  4. Product Recommendations: Intelligent algorithms suggest relevant items to customers, enhancing conversion rates and average order value.
  5. Multilingual Chatbots: Break down language barriers and expand your reach to international markets.



⚡Top 5 Shopmate Use Cases:

  1. Personalized Shopping Journey: Create tailored experiences for customers by offering customized product recommendations and assistance throughout their visit.
  2. Cart Abandonment Reduction: Engage shoppers who might otherwise leave without completing a purchase by providing timely and relevant product suggestions.
  3. Brand Growth Enhancement: Leverage AI technology to elevate customer engagement and loyalty, leading to increased conversions and revenue.
  4. Efficient Customer Service: Streamline support processes by automating responses to common inquiries while maintaining a human touch for more complex issues.
  5. Global Market Expansion: Overcome language barriers and tap into new markets by offering multilingual chatbot services.

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