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Cloud-based platform to create, deploy & update apps with one prompt.
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Shuttle Features

Shuttle is a revolutionary new platform that allows you to quickly and easily create applications with no need for infrastructure or set up. With Shuttle’s AI-powered agents, you can now have your app running with just one prompt. The top 5 features of Shuttle are:

– Instant App Creation with a Single Prompt
– AI Agents Breakdown Project and Generate Code
– Infrastructure Provisioning Automated
– Live Rust-based Backend Deployed to Shuttle’s Cloud
– AI Agents Analyse and Update Codebase

The top 5 use cases of Shuttle are:

– Create and Deploy Revolutionary New Blogging Services
– Add Features to Your Codebase with Just One Prompt
– Automate Infrastructure Provisioning
– Compile and Fix Potentially Appearing Errors
– Build and Deploy Applications Quickly and Easily in the Cloud.


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