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Cloud-based platform to create, deploy & update apps with one prompt.
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What is Shuttle?

Shuttle.rs/ai is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to assist developers in building and deploying applications. It offers instant app creation from a single prompt, allowing users to build a wide range of applications, including blogging services, todo apps, and more. The platform’s AI agents analyze the user’s prompt, generate the necessary code, compile it, provision infrastructure, and deploy it to Shuttle’s cloud. Users can also add features to their applications by specifying them in a prompt, and the AI agents will update the code and deploy the changes accordingly. Shuttle.rs/ai aims to streamline the process of developing and deploying applications, making it faster and more efficient for developers.



⚡Top 5 Shuttle AI Features:

  1. Instant App Development: Build a complete backend app from a single prompt, with AI agents handling the project breakdown, code generation, compilation, and deployment.
  2. Code Generation: Generate working codebases tailored to your project, with AI agents creating efficient and effective solutions.
  3. Infrastructure Provisioning: Automatically set up and configure infrastructure for your app, eliminating the need for manual management.
  4. Compilation Assistance: Ensure error-free code execution by having AI agents identify and resolve potential issues during the compilation process.
  5. Scalability Integration: Easily integrate scalable resources like databases and storage, with minimal configuration required.



⚡Top 5 Shuttle AI Use Cases:

  1. Building a Blogging Service: Create a fully-functional blogging platform by simply writing “shuttle-ai build ‘Build me a blog service'” and letting the AI agents handle the rest.
  2. Adding Features: Enhance your app’s functionality with ease by using “shuttle-ai add-feature” to request new features, which will be analyzed and implemented by the AI agents.
  3. Deploying Apps Quickly: Deploy your Rust-based backend apps in minutes, without the need for extensive configuration or infrastructure management.
  4. Scalability Management: Effortlessly scale your applications as needed, with AI agents handling resource allocation and provisioning.
  5. Integration with AWS Products: Leverage industry-standard AWS products seamlessly, without requiring manual console navigation or complex configurations.

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