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Simple Phones

Customizable phone agent for appointments, calls & FAQs.
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What is Simple Phones?

Simple Phones AI provides a platform that offers AI voice agents for businesses to handle inbound and outbound calls, ensuring no customer interactions are missed. Their services include call logging, customization, and integration with existing systems. They aim to enhance business communications by leveraging AI technology, offering a 14-day free trial for interested businesses.



⚡Top 5 Simple Phones AI Features:

  1. AI Phone Agent: Never miss a call from a customer with a dedicated AI phone agent.
  2. Customizable Voice: Choose your preferred voice from a wide variety of languages and accents.
  3. Transparent Record: Access a detailed record of all calls, including duration and transcript.
  4. Outbound Calling: Make cold calls, follow up with customers, and stay in touch with leads.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Send texts, emails, or webhooks to team members based on customer needs.



⚡Top 5 Simple Phones AI Use Cases:

  1. Booking Appointments: Allow customers to schedule appointments through the AI agent.
  2. Calculating Mortgage Payments: Assist customers in determining mortgage payment amounts.
  3. Answering FAQs: Provide answers to common questions about products or services.
  4. Routing Calls: Direct calls to different numbers based on customer needs.
  5. Escalating Calls: Escalate calls to human representatives when necessary.

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