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What is Sivi?

Sivi AI is a generative AI platform designed to turn content into business visual designs. It offers specialized models for graphic design, allowing users to create product banners, display ads, and more with up to 16 variations in various dimensions and languages. Sivi uses DGDS Version 1.6 and provides designs within two minutes. Additionally, Sivi Gen-2 is an advanced generative AI model for design. The platform aims to democratize design by understanding user-given content and following the design process to compose business visuals like a human designer. Sivi also allows users to edit designs and customize them according to brand guidelines.



⚡Top 5 Sivi Features:

  1. Specialized Generative AI Models for Graphic Design: Sivi uses advanced AI models to generate unique designs based on user inputs.
  2. 10x Speed: Sivi can produce designs faster than traditional methods, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  3. Up to 16 Variations: Users can choose from multiple design options to find the best fit for their needs.
  4. Supports Multiple Languages: Sivi can generate designs in over 72 languages, making it accessible to a global audience.
  5. Customizable Designs: Users can edit generated designs to better align with their brand preferences.



⚡Top 5 Sivi Use Cases:

  1. Display Ads: Generate visually engaging ads for Google Display Network to drive performance for businesses.
  2. Twitter Ads: Create eye-catching visuals for Twitter ad campaigns to boost brand visibility.
  3. Email Headers: Transform email headers into unique designs to enhance open rates and engagement.
  4. Product Banners: Showcase products with customizable banners that capture attention and increase sales.
  5. Webpage Content: Turn website content into immersive visuals to improve user experience and conversion rates.

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