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Summarize PDFs, videos, websites quickly.
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Skipit AI Features

Skipit ai is an AI-powered tool that helps you save time and be more productive. It helps you quickly summarize videos, PDFs, websites, and other documents, and allows you to chat with videos, PDFs, and websites to more easily comprehend the content. Top 5 Features:
– AI powered summarization
– Supports Youtube videos, PDFs, Google Docs, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, articles, and websites
– Supports uploading PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, txt, rtf, and epub
– Unlimited messages for premium users
– Prompt library, saved chat history, and export chat Top 5 Use Cases:
– Quickly get an overview of a long video
– Summarize PDFs with ease
– Simplify websites by quickly understanding the key points
– Chat with Youtube videos, PDFs, and more
– Save chat history to easily come back to it later


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