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Quickly fetch & structure product info for easy editing with Sku Fetch.
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What is Sku Fetch?

Sku Fetch is a web-based platform that helps retailers retrieve product information from various suppliers, structure it for editing and adjustment, and forward it to multiple listing services. It uses artificial intelligence technologies like Open AI and ChatGPT to assist with rewriting, summarizing, expanding, adding keywords, and customizing titles and descriptions of products before they are listed. Sku Fetch also stores static data, including images, on a content delivery network for fast and secure access for one year. It supports several popular listing platforms, such as Wise Lister, Crazy Lister, eBay Selling Manager, Ink Frog, and Shopify. Pricing plans vary depending on the number of products being managed, starting at $0.01 per item for up to 1,000 items and ranging up to $1,000 for 100,000 items.



⚡Top 5 Sku Fetch Features:

  1. Product Information Retrieval: Sku Fetch retrieves product information from hundreds of suppliers.
  2. Structuring Data: Structures the retrieved data for editing and adjustment.
  3. Listing Services Integration: Forwards the structured data to various listing services.
  4. High-Margin and Best-Rating Item Selection: Helps find items with high margins and best ratings.
  5. Open AI & ChatGPT Integration: Utilizes the power of Open AI and ChatGPT for rewriting, summarizing, expanding, adding keywords to product titles and descriptions before listing.



⚡Top 5 Sku Fetch Use Cases:

  1. Monitoring Supplier Changes: Automatically adjusts items per specifications based on supplier changes up to every hour.
  2. Multiple Listing Services Support: Supports multiple listers such as Wise Lister, Crazy Lister, eBay Selling Manager, Ink Frog, Shopify, etc.
  3. Content Delivery Network Storage: Stores static data like images on a Content Delivery Network for quick and safe access for one year.
  4. Pricing Tiers: Offers pricing tiers starting from $0.01 for small businesses and going up to $1,000 for larger enterprises.
  5. Integration with Marketplaces: Allows users to list their items on major marketplaces at no additional cost other than what they normally spend at Sku Grid.

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