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Design rooms with renderings & Feng Shui evaluation.
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What is Spacely AI?

Spacely AI is a rendering tool designed for interior designers that utilizes generative AI technology to quickly render dream spaces. It allows users to upload various types of image references, including 3D views, drawing sketches, or even photos of clients’ rooms. With Spacely AI, interior designers can choose between preset styles or their own style references to generate beautiful perspectives in less than a minute. This tool aims to improve collaboration with clients by providing instant visualizations during presentations, allowing designers to focus more on the creative process while Spacely AI handles the technical aspects like designing, rendering, visualizing, editing, collaging, and more.



⚡Top 5 Spacely AI Features:

  1. Quick Rendering: Spacely AI utilizes generative AI to render interior designs quickly, allowing users to create dream spaces in seconds.
  2. AI Visualization: Users can upload various image references such as 3D views, drawing sketches, or customer room images to begin the rendering process.
  3. Collaboration Tools: Spacely AI enables better collaboration between interior designers and clients by offering visualizations that can be used during presentations.
  4. Variety of Presets: Users can choose from Spacely AI’s preset styles or use their own style references to achieve desired perspectives.
  5. Efficient Workflow: By handling tasks like designing, rendering, visualizing, editing, collaging, and more, Spacely AI allows users to focus on the creative aspects of their projects.



⚡Top 5 Spacely AI Use Cases:

  1. Home Renovation: Spacely AI empowers homeowners to easily renovate their homes by providing instant design options based on their preferences.
  2. Modern Indian Interior Design: The platform embraces colors and elements from Rajasthan to create modern interpretations of traditional Indian design styles.
  3. Cinematic Inspiration: Spacely AI draws inspiration from Wes Anderson’s cinematic magic to influence interior design trends.
  4. Personalized Design Solutions: Companies can leverage Spacely AI to offer tailored design services that cater to individual client needs and wants.
  5. Business Growth: By streamlining design processes and reducing costs, Spacely AI helps businesses increase productivity and unlock their full growth potential.

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