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Automated dubbing for highest quality audio/video output.
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Speech Studio Features

Microsoft Speech Portal is an online platform that provides speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice synthesis services. It enables users to create, customize and export natural language speech engines from a wide variety of languages. It can also be used to convert text into speech. The top 5 features of Microsoft Speech Portal are:

– Speech Recognition – convert speech to text
– Text-to-Speech – turn text into natural sounding voices
– Voice Synthesis – create natural sounding voices from scratch
– Language Support – support for a wide variety of languages
– Exportable Speech Engines – export your custom speech engine for use in other applications

The top 5 use cases of Microsoft Speech Portal include:
– Automate customer interaction using speech recognition
– Create high-quality audio content from text
– Generate natural sounding voices to brand audio products
– Create accurate speech recognition technology for custom applications
– Easily deploy and integrate speech technology into existing systems.


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