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Create high-quality audio for music, sound effects, etc.
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What is Stable Audio?

Stable Audio is a platform that uses generative AI techniques to create high-quality audio outputs, such as music and sound effects. Their latest model, Stable Audio 2.0, allows users to generate audio up to 3 minutes in length, with a focus on maintaining coherent musical structure and quality. The platform provides a user guide to help users understand how to use the interface effectively and get the best possible results from their text prompts. Additionally, Stable Audio 2.0 includes audio-to-audio generation, where users can upload audio samples and modify them using natural language prompts. This feature expands the creative possibilities for artists and musicians, enabling them to produce melodies, backing tracks, stems, and sound effects.



⚡Top 5 Stable Audio Features:

  1. High-Quality Tracks: The platform offers high-quality tracks up to three minutes long with coherent musical structures.
  2. Audio-to-Audio Generation: Users can upload audio samples and transform them into various sounds using natural language prompts.
  3. Licenses for Different Needs: Stable Audio provides different licenses for personal, creator, and enterprise use, catering to various audio needs.
  4. Music Generation Product: Built by Stability AI, Stable Audio empowers creators with tools that aid musical creativity.
  5. Customizable Outputs: Users can use the outputs as samples in their own music, depending on their subscription plan.



⚡Top 5 Stable Audio Use Cases:

  1. Personal Projects: This tool can be used for personal projects that require audio generation.
  2. Commercial Music Releases: The Creator license allows users to use generated audio for commercial music releases as individuals.
  3. Enterprise Use: Enterprise licenses enable organizations to use generated audio for various purposes, including film, TV, advertisement, apps, and games.
  4. Non-commercial Projects: Basic tier users can generate audio for non-commercial projects.
  5. Customized Outputs: Users can create original music to use in their projects, depending on the subscription plan they choose.

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