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Discover perfect video music instantly with pre-cleared tracks.
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What is Studio Lite?

Studio Lite is a tool offered by MatchTune that enables creators to efficiently find and synchronize suitable music to their videos. It offers a vast catalog of over two million pre-cleared tracks, which can be accessed via smart filters. Studio Lite is compatible with industry-standard editing software and can be integrated as a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, it is available as a standalone app on the Apple App Store. Studio Lite leverages artificial intelligence to analyze uploaded content and suggest matching tracks that fit the video length and sync with cuts. It aims to streamline the process of finding music for videos, reducing the time spent on manual searches.



⚡Top 5 Studio Lite Features:

  1. Automatic Song Synchronization: Instantly finds the perfect song that matches the duration of your video.
  2. Smart Filters: Fine-tunes search results using various filters to access a vast catalog of over 2 million pre-cleared tracks.
  3. Compatibility: Available as a standalone app on the Apple App Store, compatible with all industry-standard editing software, or as an integrated plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.
  4. Similarity Search: Finds licensable doppelgangers of your favorite tracks using Studio Lite’s similarity search feature.
  5. Easy Integration: Works as a universal plugin for Mac devices, Android, and as a webapp optimized for Chrome and Safari.

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