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What is StyleAI?

StyleAI, offers a suite of AI-driven digital marketing tools designed to simplify and enhance various aspects of online business management. These tools include:

1. Levi: An AI website builder that allows users to create, edit, and optimize their sites with ease. Users can request Levi to find new images, add new sections, or improve the overall appearance of their webpages.

2. Seona: An AI SEO tool that automatically enhances online discoverability by updating site content, headers, tags, and code to improve search rankings. Seona also generates SEO-friendly blog content and provides weekly email updates on site improvements.

3. Adwin: An AI tool for designing and activating Google ad campaigns without manual effort. Adwin analyzes websites to create optimal ads that attract more customers.

These tools are powered by AI and offer agency-grade editing features, enabling users to craft compelling copy, render stunning images, optimize layouts, and more with speed and precision. They aim to provide small businesses with a cost-effective alternative to traditional digital marketing agencies while offering the flexibility of popular web builders enhanced by AI capabilities.



⚡Top 5 StyleAI Features:

  1. AI Website Builder: Instantly create a perfect website with powerful AI technology.
  2. AI SEO Tool: Automatically boost online discoverability and reach more customers.
  3. Flawless Google Ad Campaigns: Design and activate effective ad campaigns without lifting a finger.
  4. Automated SEO Optimization: Improve site’s search rankings with Seona’s automatic updates.
  5. Blog Content Generation: Enjoy fresh, SEO-friendly content published to your site daily.



⚡Top 5 StyleAI Use Cases:

  1. Small Business Owners: Efficiently manage SEO optimization without technical expertise.
  2. Non-Technical Co-Founders: Contribute to areas previously outside their skillset.
  3. Product Reviewers: Audit blogs and identify improvements with accurate competitor comparisons.
  4. Marketing Teams: Utilize AI-powered tools for website building, SEO, and ad campaigns.
  5. Businesses Looking to Stand Out: Create stunning websites affordably and efficiently.

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