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Interactive product demos to solve customer challenges, customization.
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What is Supademo?

Supademo is an AI-powered platform that provides interactive product demos designed to help businesses streamline their communication of products and services. It offers various features such as automatic text captions, overlays, and watermarks, which are available in its free plan. The Pro plan adds features like multi-demo showcases, custom branding, blurs and annotations, advanced analytics, autoplay, call-to-action buttons, AI voiceover, AI text captions, and AI translations. The Scale plan further enhances these features with dynamic variables, zoom and pan, conditional branching, custom domains, email requirements, and password protection. The Enterprise plan caters to large organizations with custom bulk pricing, single sign-on, export analytics, dedicated support, and private Slack channels.



⚡Top 5 Supademo Features:

  1. Quick and Intuitive Product Demos: Use AI technology to demonstrate products and features in minutes instead of hours.
  2. Personalization: Offer branching or multi-demo showcases to tailor the experience for different personas and stages of the deal.
  3. Collaborative Tools: Asynchronously share, organize, and collaborate on Supademos as a team.
  4. Insights and Analytics: Obtain valuable insights into dropoff rates, conversions, engagement, and viewership.
  5. Language Translation: Instantly translate product demos into 15+ languages with AI assistance.



⚡Top 5 Supademo Use Cases:

  1. Customer Success: Increase product adoption, drive expansion, and visually guide customers to success.
  2. Product Marketing: Embed Supademos on websites, feature pages, changelogs, and other platforms to showcase products effectively.
  3. Sales and Enablement: Close deals faster through interactive sales collateral and scalable enablement materials.
  4. Training and Education: Reinforce and scale training and education across internal and external audiences.
  5. Customer Support: Reduce support queries by making knowledge and support documents interactive.

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