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What is Superflows?

Superflows AI provides a platform for businesses to integrate an AI copilot into their software products. This AI copilot allows users to interact with the software via chat, asking questions and performing tasks. It connects to the software’s API, enabling users to get answers and complete tasks without the need for extensive onboarding or technical knowledge. The platform offers a control dashboard for easy setup and configuration of the product assistant. Superflows aims to improve user experience by providing immediate access to an expert within the software, leading to increased activation, retention, and conversion rates.



⚡Top 5 Superflows Features:

  1. AI Copilot Integration: Superflows allows users to integrate an AI copilot into their software product, enabling users to get answers and perform tasks via chat.
  2. Control Dashboard: The platform provides a control dashboard that makes setting up and configuring the product assistant easy.
  3. Endpoint Documentation: Superflows documents the endpoints available for the copilot to reference, ensuring accurate and relevant responses.
  4. Playground Access: Users can connect to their API from the playground to evaluate the assistant before deployment.
  5. Code Integration: Once satisfied with the assistant’s performance, users can integrate it into their codebase with a few lines of code.



⚡Top 5 Superflows Use Cases:

  1. CRM Improvement: By integrating an AI copilot, CRMs can improve user experience by allowing users to ask questions and complete tasks in a more natural way.
  2. Non-Technical Team Empowerment: Superflows enables non-technical teams to solve complex customer problems previously only engineers could handle.
  3. API Testing: Users can test the assistant’s performance by connecting to their API from the playground before deploying it.
  4. Customizable Styling: The platform allows users to customize the styling of the copilot interface to match their brand colors and preferences.
  5. Multi-LLM Support: Superflows supports multiple large language models, including GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Mixtral, and Llama2, providing flexibility in model choice.

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