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Fast email with automated phrases, split inbox & read statuses.
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What is Superhuman?

Superhuman offers the fastest email experience, designed to save teams over 10 million hours annually by enhancing responsiveness and eliminating email anxiety. Built for Gmail and Outlook users, it introduces features like AI-powered email composition, automated follow-ups, and split inbox for prioritizing critical emails. The platform’s tools streamline workflows, enabling teams to move faster, communicate more effectively, and focus on meaningful work.



⚡Top 5 Superhuman Features:

  1. Blazingly Fast Email Experience: Access an incredibly fast email experience, allowing you to fly through your inbox at twice the speed as before.
  2. AI-Powered Email: The platform uses artificial intelligence to help users draft emails quickly and efficiently, matching the voice and tone of previous messages.
  3. Split Inbox: This feature allows users to automatically triage incoming emails, focusing on what requires immediate attention and filtering out irrelevant content.
  4. Follow Up Reminders: Superhuman helps users stay on top of their correspondence by reminding them to follow up on unanswered emails after a specified period.
  5. Snippets: Users can save and share prewritten email templates, saving time and ensuring consistency in communication.



⚡Top 5 Superhuman Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Team Communication: Teams can streamline their email processes, making them more responsive and productive.
  2. Effective Lead Generation: With its advanced features, Superhuman can help businesses generate leads more efficiently by following up on potential clients.
  3. Enhanced Customer Support: By providing real-time updates on email reading statuses, Superhuman improves customer support interactions.
  4. Streamlined Recruitment Process: The platform’s ability to prioritize important emails and follow up on job applications can expedite the hiring process.
  5. Boosted Productivity: Features, such as autocorrection and snippets, can significantly increase user productivity by reducing the time spent on composing and editing emails.

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