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Auto-generate video subtitles in any language with a powerful editor.
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What is Supertranslate?

Supertranslate AI is an online platform that provides automatic speech-to-text transcription and translation services for businesses. It specializes in adding English subtitles to videos in over 100 languages, automatically detecting the language of the original video and generating accurate subtitles using OpenAI’s Whisper, which is considered the most accurate speech-to-text system worldwide. The platform supports various video formats and lengths, including mp3 audio files, and offers features like timecode adjustment and download options for .srt/.vtt formats or transcripts. Supertranslate aims to make it easy for users to add subtitles to their videos without specifying the language, making it a convenient solution for content creators and businesses alike.



⚡Top 5 Supertranslate Features:

  1. Fastest Way to Add English Subtitles: Supertranslate allows users to quickly generate English subtitles for their videos in any language without specifying the original language.
  2. Automatic Language Detection: Supertranslate can automatically detect the language of a video and generate English subtitles accordingly.
  3. Support for Multiple Languages: Users can upload videos in over 100 languages, and Supertranslate will generate English subtitles for them.
  4. Accurate Speech-to-Text System: Supertranslate uses OpenAI’s Whisper, which is known for its accuracy in transcribing speech even with background noise or language mixing.
  5. Timecode Generation: Supertranslate generates accurate timecodes for subtitles, ensuring they are correctly aligned with the video content.



⚡Top 5 Supertranslate Use Cases:

  1. Creators: Content creators can use Supertranslate to add English subtitles to their videos without needing to specify the original language.
  2. Brands: Brands can utilize Supertranslate to generate English subtitles for their marketing videos, ensuring accessibility and reach a wider audience.
  3. Educational Institutions: Educational institutions can use Supertranslate to provide English subtitles for lectures or presentations in various languages.
  4. Entertainment Industry: The entertainment industry can benefit from Supertranslate’s ability to accurately transcribe speech and generate English subtitles for movies or TV shows with multiple languages.
  5. Accessibility: Individuals with hearing impairments can watch videos with English subtitles generated by Supertranslate, making content more accessible.

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