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Visual note-taking & AI conversations for mapping transformative ideas.
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Mapping Ideas That Change the World is an AI native app that allows users to brainstorm and present ideas with AI on a 2-dimensional map. MyMap gives users access to various interactive map types including ConceptMap for enriched academic learning, ChatMap for a spatial AI-conversation experience, StoryMap for AI-powered visual presentations, and NoteMap for intuitive visual note-taking.

Top 5 Features:
– ConceptMap for enriched academic learning
– ChatMap for a spatial AI-conversation experience
– StoryMap for AI-powered visual presentations
– NoteMap for intuitive visual note-taking
– AI native design to streamline idea curation

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Collaborate with colleagues on an interactive map to brainstorm ideas
– Use a ConceptMap to enrich academic learning
– Hold a ChatMap session with AI to explore a topic
– Build a StoryMap to create an AI-powered visual presentation
– Take notes with a NoteMap for intuitive visual note-taking


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