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Natural language engine generates book passages for easy exploration.
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What is Talk To Books?

Talk to Books is an experimental tool developed by Google AI that allows users to speak directly with books in their index. Users can ask questions or make statements, and the AI looks for conversational responses from over 100,000 books. The feature includes a filter by category of books to narrow down the search results. While it may not be as polished as traditional search experiences, users can experiment with different inputs to get the most out of the tool.



⚡Top 5 Talk to Books Features:

  1. Interactive AI: Users can speak directly with all 100,000 books in the index and ask questions or make statements.
  2. Conversational Responses: The AI looks for sentences which are conversational responses to user inputs.
  3. Filter by Category: Users can filter the books it draws from based on categories.
  4. Experimental Tool: Talk to Books is an experimental new way to interact with books.
  5. Research Demonstration: It showcases research that enables an AI to find statements that look like probable responses to user inputs.



⚡Top 5 Talk to Books Use Cases:

  1. Discovering Information: Users can ask questions or make statements to explore ideas and discover books.
  2. Personalized Reading Experience: Filters allow users to tailor the books it draws from to their interests.
  3. Educational Purposes: The tool can be used for academic work, providing access to a vast array of books.
  4. Entertainment Value: Users can engage with books in a unique and interactive manner.
  5. Language Learning: The tool can be used to practice language skills by asking questions or making statements in various languages.

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