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TaxGPT (Inactive)

IRS-compliant tax filing with guaranteed max refund.
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What is TaxGPT (Inactive)?

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TaxGPT is a platform designed to assist with tax-related questions using advanced artificial intelligence and a team of tax experts. It offers various features such as instant expert advice, a convenient and easy-to-use chatbot interface, free AI-generated tax answers, and optional tax pro reviews for a fee. Users can ask questions through the chatbot or call in to speak directly to the AI. The service aims to provide fast, accurate answers to tax-related questions and is accessible to all, including those without a tax background. The tool also offers a satisfaction guarantee and promises to improve its services continually based on customer feedback.



⚡Top 5 TaxGPT Features:

  1. Accuracy: TaxGPT is known for providing accurate tax information and codes.
  2. Educational Tool: It is an educational, research, and reference tool designed to simplify tax processes and maximize deductions.
  3. Beta Status: TaxGPT is still in beta, continually improving and updating its information.
  4. Security: It uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect user data.
  5. Variety of Services: A range of products and services beyond the initial five monthly questions for free.



⚡Top 5 TaxGPT Use Cases:

  1. Individual Tax Filing: TaxGPT can assist individuals in filing their taxes and answering tax-related questions.
  2. Business Taxation: It is designed to handle complex business taxation issues, making it a valuable tool for businesses.
  3. Tax Research: The Ask Blue J feature provides specialized tax research solutions tailored to users’ needs.
  4. Memo Writing and Client Management: The AI Chatbot offers tools for writing memos, managing clients, and streamlining the tax process.
  5. Maximizing Deductions: Helps users identify eligible deductions to ensure they are not overpaying on their taxes.

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