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Teachable Machine

Drag and drop interface for creating machine learning models.
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What is Teachable Machine?

Teachable Machine is a web tool developed by Google that enables users to create machine learning models without requiring any coding knowledge. Users can train computers to recognize images, sounds, and poses, and then export these models for integration into websites, applications, and other projects. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to gather and categorize examples, train their models, and test them for accuracy. Once satisfied with the model’s performance, users can export it for further implementation in various platforms.



⚡Top 5 Teachable Machine Features:

  1. No Coding Required: Teachable Machine allows users to create machine learning models without requiring any coding knowledge.
  2. Easy Model Creation: Users can quickly create machine learning models for their projects using this web tool.
  3. Variety of Input Types: Teachable Machine supports training models based on images, sounds, and poses.
  4. Real-time Testing: After training, users can immediately test their models to check if they are correctly classifying new examples.
  5. Exportable Models: Users can export their trained models for use in various projects such as websites and apps.



⚡Top 5 Teachable Machine Use Cases:

  1. Education: Teachers can use Teachable Machine to create interactive learning experiences where students train machine learning models on different topics.
  2. Artistic Projects: Artists can utilize Teachable Machine to create unique installations or performances that involve machine learning models based on images, sounds, or poses.
  3. Accessibility Tools: Developers can build applications that incorporate Teachable Machine’s pose recognition capabilities to assist individuals with disabilities, such as sign language recognition.
  4. Gaming Applications: Game developers can integrate Teachable Machine into their games to add a layer of interactivity and challenge based on image or sound recognition.
  5. Healthcare Monitoring: Health professionals can use Teachable Machine to develop systems that analyze patient data, such as medical images or vital signs, to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

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