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What is Tekst?

Tekst is an AI-powered text intelligence platform that helps businesses manage and optimize their email, ticket, chat, and other conversation data. It offers a clear overview and precise metrics on these communications, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, streamline workflows, and improve customer service. The platform uses historical data to analyze messages, tag them, route them correctly, and automate responses, thereby reducing manual task time and allowing employees to focus on higher-value work.



⚡Top 5 Tekst Features:

  1. Email and ticket management: Get a clear overview and precise metrics on all emails, tickets, chats, and other conversations within your organization, enabling informed decision-making, optimization of critical workflows, and improved service delivery.
  2. AI-powered analysis: Our AI platform uses historical data to analyze messages, enrich them with tags, reroute them to the correct inbox, and automate responses, significantly reducing time wasted on manual tasks.
  3. Structured mailboxes: By adding structure to each mailbox, employees don’t waste time on wrongly allocated messages, allowing them to prioritize and bundle similar tasks while having more time to perform high-value work.
  4. Automated billing: Charge members to access your content with automated billing, whether it’s free or monthly, and segment your members into groups to deliver only the content they need to see.
  5. Unlimited membership plans: Offer unlimited membership plans with recurring revenue, giving your followers a place of their own to engage with you and add recurring revenue to your business.



⚡Top 5 Tekst Use Cases:

  1. Training rising stars: If you have the credentials, use Tekst to train rising stars on how to succeed in your field.
  2. Inspirational messaging: Use your influence to send consistent encouragement to your members.
  3. Instructional videos: Send instructional videos directly to your audience.
  4. Event promotion: Let everyone know when the next event is happening.
  5. Exclusive brand partnerships: Currently working with a few high-profile brands to build their Tekst communities, if you already have major, real-world influence and see the benefit of using Tekst, request an invite to get started.

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