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Generate interactive maps from text for various purposes.
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Textomap Features

Textomap: Textomap is the fastest and easiest way to create interactive maps for any purpose. It helps content creators, bloggers, travel agents, educational institutions and news media turn text into interactive maps in seconds.

Top 5 Features:
– Create and edit maps on mobile browser – no need to open laptops or download apps
– Generate and view maps in the same tab as you move between websites and documents
– Assign locations to any word or sentence – creativity is the only limit
– AI assistant powered by ChatGPT
– Export maps and embed them in your content

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Visualise travel itineraries and offers
– Create visual and interactive summaries for students
– Embed eye-catching visual summaries to guide and interact with readers
– Provide readers with more guidance to breaking news
– Generate maps from articles, posts, presentations, or any content


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