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What is Texts From My Ex?

Texts From My Ex is a website that uses a GPT-powered algorithm to analyze text conversations between individuals, typically romantic partners or former lovers. The platform provides users with relationship insights, including compatibility scores and assessments of attachment styles, communication, sexiness, and reasons why the relationship might not work. Users can upload conversations from platforms such as iMessage or WhatsApp and receive an analysis that includes a percentage of compatibility and various ratings. The service aims to offer a fun and insightful way for individuals to understand their relationships better.



⚡Top 5 Texts From My Ex Features:

  1. GPT-Powered Algorithm Analysis: Analyzes your text conversations with your partner or ex, providing you with sassy relationship insights and ratings on various aspects such as attachment styles, communication, sexiness, and compatibility.
  2. Compatibility Score: Texts From My Ex generates a compatibility score based on your text conversations, helping you understand your relationship dynamics better.
  3. iMessage and WhatsApp Support: Supports analysis of text conversations from both iMessage and WhatsApp platforms.
  4. Mac App Integration: Offers a Mac app for iMessage integration, making it easier to access the service directly from your desktop.
  5. Privacy Policy: Ensures user data security by not storing chat messages on their servers and only saving the final analysis results in their database for sharing purposes.



⚡Top 5 Texts From My Ex Use Cases:

  1. Relationship Insights: Helps individuals gain deeper insights into their relationships by analyzing text conversations, which can lead to improved understanding and communication.
  2. Companion Tool for Dating Apps: Can serve as a companion tool for dating app users looking to improve their online interactions and increase their chances of finding a suitable match.
  3. Friendship Analysis: Users can analyze their friendships through text conversations, gaining insights into the dynamics of their friendships and improving their social connections.
  4. Personal Growth: Individuals can use the platform to reflect on past relationships and identify patterns or areas for personal growth.
  5. Entertainment Value: The platform offers a fun and engaging way to explore the nuances of human interaction through text conversations, providing entertainment value alongside its analytical capabilities.

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