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Texts From My Ex

Share witty, humorous text messages, stories, and advice
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Texts From My Ex Features

TextsFromMyEx.com is a website that allows users to anonymously share their funny, witty, and humorous text messages from their former partners. It also serves as a platform for users to share relationship advice and stories.

Top 5 Features:
-Anonymously share text messages from former partners
-Read other users’ stories and advice about relationships
-Browse funny or interesting stories from around the world
-Share stories on social media for others to read
-Create funny or interesting messages to share

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Allow users to read and share funny text messages
-Help people who;ve gone through a tough break-up by sharing experiences
-Allow people to bond and have a laugh over shared stories
-Provide advice and tips related to relationships
-Provide an outlet to laugh and reflect on past relationships.


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