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Threado AI

Instant answers on Slack, Discord, web with custom AI app.
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What is Threado AI?

Threado AI is an AI-powered assistant designed for customer-facing teams. It provides instant, accurate responses to customer queries and integrates with various platforms such as Slack and ticketing systems. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to customer inquiries based on the knowledge base provided. It offers features like automated ticket summaries, conversational support, and performance analytics to help teams manage their support efficiently. Additionally, Threado AI supports community management with features like workflow creation, member engagement tracking, and sentiment analysis. The service is SOC2 Type II certified and ensures data security.



⚡Top 5 Threado AI Features:

  1. Custom Trained AI: Instantly answer support queries on Slack, Discord, or Web.
  2. Automation Templates: Hand-picked community building templates
  3. Serendipity Bot: Free community and newsletter matchmaking bot
  4. Support Insights and Resources: Curated resources for support teams
  5. Integration with Slack and Discord: Seamless integration with popular communication platforms



⚡Top 5 Threado AI Use Cases:

  1. Lightning Fast Support: Provide quick responses to customer queries without round-the-clock availability
  2. Community Co-pilot: Assist in managing and growing online communities
  3. Secure Custom AI Agent: Accessible company knowledge for teams
  4. Performance Analytics: Review and improve AI performance over time
  5. Scalable Integration: Easily set up and integrate with various tools and platforms

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