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Record & transcribe Zoom/Google Meet with timestamps.
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What is TL;DV?

tl;dv IO is an AI-driven meeting note taker designed to enhance productivity by automating the process of recording, transcribing, summarizing, and generating insights from meetings held on platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. The platform aims to help users get value from meetings across their organizations, providing insights that can inform decision-making and improve performance. Key features include speech recognition and transcription, summarization, keyword and phrase highlighting, integration with other tools, and language understanding. Users can also track team performance, choose from existing playbooks, and create their own. The platform supports multiple languages and offers a free plan with no time limit for testing its features.



⚡Top 5 tl;dv IO Features:

  1. Speech Recognition and Transcription: The ability to accurately transcribe spoken words into written text, which is especially helpful in meetings or lectures where manual note-taking can be challenging.
  2. Summarization: The capability to condense lengthy pieces of text into concise, actionable points or break them down into topics of your choice, making it easier to grasp essential information without having to sift through extensive notes.
  3. Keyword and Phrase Highlighting: Identification and highlighting of key terms, phrases, or action items, making it simpler to reference important points later.
  4. Integration with Other Tools: Compatibility with calendar apps, email, and project management software, enabling users to easily organize, access, and share notes.
  5. Language Understanding: Ability to comprehend context, distinguish between different speakers, and respond to commands or questions, providing additional functionality beyond mere transcription



⚡Top 5 tl;dv IO Use Cases:

  1. Recording and Transcribing Meetings: Automatic recording and transcription of meetings held on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, making it easier to capture and review discussions.
  2. Generating Insights from Meetings: Utilizing AI to analyze meetings and generate valuable insights, helping organizations make informed decisions and improve performance.
  3. Improving Sales Strategy: Assisting sales teams by identifying key trends, tracking performance, and providing insights to refine sales strategies and improve team performance.
  4. Enhancing Customer Success: Helping customer success teams by automatically recording and transcribing customer calls, enabling them to provide better support and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Streamlining Meeting Preparation: Providing access to past meeting insights, allowing users to prepare more effectively for future meetings and ensure they are productive

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