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Extension for understanding unfamiliar words in 100 languages.
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What is Tooltips AI?

Tooltips AI is an AI-powered tool designed to help users read and understand text more efficiently. It utilizes chatbots and GPT technology to highlight words and provide explanations and answers to follow-up questions in over 100 languages. Users can install the tool as a free extension without requiring any sign-ups, and it supports both web content and PDF documents. Key features include text reading, text understanding, language support, and compatibility with PDFs. Potential use cases include improving reading comprehension, assisting with language learning, and facilitating the understanding of foreign language texts.



⚡Top 5 Tooltips AI Features:

  1. Text reading: Allows users to quickly read and understand text.
  2. Text understanding: Uses chatbots and GPT technology to highlight words and provide follow-up answers to questions.
  3. Language support: Operates in over 100 languages.
  4. Free extension: Can be installed as a free extension without sign-up requirements.
  5. PDF support: Has support for PDFs.



⚡Top 5 Tooltips AI Use Cases:

  1. Quickly understand foreign language text: Helps users comprehend texts written in different languages.
  2. Improve reading comprehension: Enhances users’ ability to grasp complex concepts by providing explanations for highlighted words.
  3. Assist with language learning: Aids individuals in their language acquisition process by offering translations and explanations.
  4. Enhance productivity: Speeds up the reading process by explaining highlighted content in real time.
  5. Support for various file formats: Works with both web pages and PDFs, allowing users to access information across multiple platforms.

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