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Transform photos into artworks with image-to-image processing.
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What is Transpic?

Transpic is an online platform that uses AI technology to convert images into different artistic styles, including hand-drawn illustrations, oil paintings, comics, and more. Users can upload their own images and select from various image models such as conceptual scenes, characters, 2D to 3D animation characters, and others. The tool allows users to adjust settings like the number of generated images, whether to keep the original image effects, dimensions, and outlines. Some features may require payment, such as clearing the original image and converting it to a hand-drawn illustration. The platform requires a login account and offers a feedback form for user comments.



⚡Top 5 Transpic Features:

  1. Customizable Output Count: Choose the number of generated images according to your needs.
  2. Variety of Art Styles: Select from multiple artistic styles like two-dimensional, speed sketch, Disney, oil painting, etc.
  3. Fixed Element Options: Keep certain elements consistent while changing others for seamless transitions.
  4. Adjustable Similarity Levels: Control the degree of similarity between the output and the original image.
  5. Clear Integration System: Understand the cost of each conversion clearly.



⚡Top 5 Transpic Use Cases:

  1. New User Tutorial Support: Assistance for beginners to quickly get started with AI drawing transformation tools.
  2. Personalized Commission Services: Customize artwork based on individual preferences.
  3. Business & Personal Creation: Suitable for both amateur artists and professional designers.
  4. Educational Platform: A resourceful tool for learning hand-drawn illustrations through AI.
  5. Feedback Collection: Users can submit feedback to improve the service.

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