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Advanced trading with charting, scanning, alerting & automated execution.
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Trendspider Features

TrendSpider is a comprehensive trading software platform designed to consolidate various trading tools into one place. The platform offers features to create and improve trading strategies, find trading or investing ideas, analyze charts and data, and time trades with precision. It also automates some aspects of trading, such as pattern recognition and alerting, to help users make faster, smarter, and more efficient trading decisions.

Top 5 Features:
Strategy Tester: This feature enables users to create, test, and refine trading strategies in a simple, fast, and safe manner
Idea Generation Platform: TrendSpider offers smart watch lists, market scanning, data flow, and more to help users find new investment opportunities
Advanced Charting and Analysis: The platform offers automated pattern recognition, multi-timeframe analysis, and over 200 built-in indicators to enhance charting and analysis
Alerts and Bots: These tools allow users to automate their trading, helping them react faster to market changes and never miss an opportunity
Mobile and Chrome Accessibility: Users can access TrendSpider on their phones or through Chrome, and automate their order execution for more efficient trading

Top 5 Use Cases:
Strategy Development and Testing: Users can create, test, refine, and improve their trading strategies using TrendSpider’s Strategy Tester, a tool that simplifies the process of strategy development
Investment Opportunity Discovery: With its powerful idea generation platform, users can discover new investment opportunities through smart watch lists, market scanning, and data flow
Advanced Charting and Analysis: Users can utilize over 200 built-in indicators, automated pattern recognition, and multi-timeframe analysis to enhance their charting and analysis capabilities
Timely Trading with Alerts and Bots: TrendSpider offers alerts and bots that can automate trading, allowing users to react faster to market changes and never miss an opportunity
Market Data and Analytics Preview: Users can look up any US listed security, ETF, or ETN to view real-time charts, insider trading, seasonality, and more for free


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