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Understand & navigate emotions with tools & insights provided by Tuliaa.
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What is Tuliaa?

Tuliaa is an online platform designed to assist individuals in improving their emotional awareness and wellbeing. Its primary goal is to help users gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, communicate more effectively, navigate challenges, establish personal boundaries, comprehend others better, and ultimately feel better overall. The platform offers various features such as an interactive emotion wheel, a comprehensive emotion dictionary, AI-driven introspection, and an AI chatbot that guides users through personalized introspection exercises. While it aims to enhance self-awareness and emotional intelligence, Tuliaa is not intended to replace professional mental health advice or treatment. Users must acknowledge that the tool is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken based on its suggestions and should seek professional assistance during emergencies or crises.



⚡Top 5 Tuliaa Features:

Interactive Emotional Wheel: Helps pinpoint your emotions precisely by using an engaging and interactive tool.

Extensive Emotion Dictionary: Access over 1000+ emotion definitions, complete with related sensations for better understanding.

Personalized AI Chat-bot: Engage with an AI chat-bot designed to ask insightful questions for deeper introspection.

Guided R.A.I.N Exercise: Practice mindfulness and regulate emotions through the structured and calming R.A.I.N technique.

User-friendly Interface: Navigate easily through the app’s features with a simple and intuitive design.



⚡Top 5 Tuliaa Use Cases:

Emotional Identification: Useful for individuals seeking to name and recognize their emotional states.

Enhanced Self-awareness: Beneficial for those looking to achieve greater self-awareness and understand their emotional responses.

Personal Growth: Ideal for users striving to become a better version of themselves through emotional understanding.

Mindfulness Practice: Provides a practical exercise for users desiring to practice mindfulness and emotional regulation.

Supplementing Mental Health Practices: Suitable for individuals who want to support their existing mental health practices with additional tools and resources.


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