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Edit audio intelligently while preserving core elements and voices
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TuneBlades Features

TuneBlades is a smart audio editing software that helps you automatically resize, remix and adjust your songs while preserving melody fundamentals and voices. Its top 5 features include:
– Automatically resizing and remixing audio
– Easy uploading, with a drag and drop or link paste interface
– 10 unique renders to choose from before exporting
– Exporting in a variety of HD audio file types, such as mp3, wav and m4a
– Rest assured with its trusted software by many users

Top 5 use cases for TuneBlades are:
– Editing and remixing music in TV/film/video
– Shortening a track for radio/podcasts
– Making the perfect karaoke version
– Easily creating multiple versions of a track for multiple markets
– As a tool for professional audio editors/engineers


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