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Generate social media content, email replies, Google Sheets formulas.
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What is TwoSlash?

TwoSlash is a Chrome extension that integrates ChatGPT AI into text input fields, enhancing content creation, coding experiences, and productivity. Users can generate social media content, Google Sheets formulas, email replies, and improve grammar. The extension offers two pricing plans: a standard plan with monthly billing and a bring your own key version that allows users to connect their own OpenAI API key and choose from different AI models. TwoSlash is optimized for the Chrome browser and provides dedicated support for its users.



⚡Top 5 TwoSlash Features:

  1. Content Generation: TwoSlash enables users to generate social media content, Google Sheets formulas, email replies, and improve grammar.
  2. Coding Experience: The extension elevates coding experience by providing AI assistance for writing and replying to emails.
  3. Google Sheets Formulas: Users can generate or explain existing formulas within Google Sheets.
  4. Easy Pricing: TwoSlash offers a simple pricing plan with options for monthly payments or bringing your own key.
  5. Regular Updates: The extension is updated regularly to improve functionality, enhance performance, and add new features.



⚡Top 5 TwoSlash Use Cases:

  1. Marketing Strategy Improvement: TwoSlash helps users improve their marketing strategies by generating content and analyzing data.
  2. Email Productivity: The extension assists users in being more productive by writing and formatting professional emails.
  3. Google Sheets Optimization: TwoSlash enhances the usage of Google Sheets by simplifying formula creation and understanding.
  4. Feedback Collection: The extension collects user feedback to continuously improve and tailor the extension to better meet user needs.
  5. Feature Requests: Users can suggest additional features to be added to the extension, which are then considered for implementation.

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