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Boost decision-making with OCR, ML & NLP using text annotation
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UBIAI Features

UBIAI is an AI-powered platform that accelerates decision-making by providing businesses with affordable Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions. Its Text Annotation Tool offers intelligent insights to increase efficiency in data annotation and model deployment.

Top 5 Features:
-Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for accurate text extraction.
-Annotate any type of document including PDFs, images and text.
-Deep Learning Models for efficient training and model deployment.
-Team collaboration feature for maximum efficiency.
-White labeling option for integration into customer;s application.

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Semantic Analysis to Detect Fake Claims and Frauds.
-Text Classification to Detect Duplicate Claims and Repair Costs.
-Annotate Multi-Lingual Documents.
-Train State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Models on Annotated Data.
-Label Entities, Relations and Document Classification.


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