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What is UBIAI?

Ubiai provides a text annotation tool designed to facilitate precise and consistent text annotation across various formats, including handwritten, scanned, and digital documents. It supports over 20 languages and offers features such as semantic analysis, text classification, visualization, and chatbot training. The platform aims to streamline data annotation processes, reduce manual labor, and improve the overall efficiency of AI projects. It also offers a free trial with limited functionalities and the option to upgrade to different packages based on specific needs. Ubiai is known for its user-friendly interface, attention to user feedback, and support for OCR technology, which allows for accurate text extraction from PDFs and images.



⚡Top 5 UBIAI Text Annotation Tool Features:

  1. Fantastic Data Modeling Feature: Precise text annotation for reliable and consistent results, essential for large datasets including Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, etc., within a single document, in handwritten, scanned, or digital formats.
  2. Semantic Analysis: Detects fake claims and frauds through text classification to detect duplicate claims and repair costs.
  3. High-quality Visualization for Healthcare Machine Learning: Provides visualizations for healthcare machine learning tasks.
  4. Semantic Search for Legal Industries: Enables semantic search for legal industries.
  5. Training Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Empowers users to train chatbots and virtual assistants using UBIAI’s tools.



⚡Top 5 UBIAI Text Annotation Tool Use Cases:

  1. Analyzing Complete Medical Records: Helps streamline the process of analyzing complete medical records.
  2. Financial Document Analysis: Aids in the analysis of financial documents.
  3. Shortening Diagnosis and Treatment Times: Reduces diagnosis and treatment times by providing accurate annotations.
  4. Empowering Customers to Label High-Quality Data: Allows customers to label high-quality data directly from their applications.
  5. Training Hi-Tech NLP Models: Enables the training of hi-tech NLP models with ease and efficiency.

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