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What is Unakin?

Unakin is a company that specializes in creating AI agents designed to assist game studios in various aspects of game development. They use advanced AI technologies to develop autonomous agents capable of performing complex, multi-step tasks such as writing code, generating tests, adding comments, finding code, and answering questions related to the codebase. These agents aim to streamline the process by automating workflows and completing tasks step-by-step. The platform offers private, siloed models to protect intellectual property rights and secure source code. Their goal is to enable game creators to build beautiful, novel games more efficiently while maintaining control over their creative vision.



⚡Top 5 Unakin Features:

  1. Autonomous Game Creation Agents: This tool builds autonomous game creation agents using cutting-edge AI, which can assist game studios in creating parts of their games that they may not want to handle themselves.
  2. Prototyping Superpowers: Unakin’s AI co-creator allows game studios to build playable experiences quickly and without technical dependencies, allowing them to focus on creativity rather than spending time and resources on testing core gameplay mechanics.
  3. Text-to-3D Assets: Unakin offers text-to-3D asset generation, enabling game creators to build beautiful, novel games in a fraction of the time.
  4. Code Generation Model: The platform includes a code-gen model specifically adapted to Unity game development, matching the quality of GPT-4 for code generation.
  5. Private, Siloed Models: Unakin protects your IP by offering private, siloed models to secure your source code and project context.



⚡Top 5 Unakin Use Cases:

  1. Game Studio Assistance: The autonomous game creation agents can help game studios build parts of their games that they don’t want to handle, using cutting-edge AI technology.
  2. Rapid Prototyping: Game creators can use Unakin’s AI co-creator to quickly build playable experiences without technical dependencies or limitations on creativity.
  3. Text-to-3D Asset Generation: Game creators can generate 3D assets from text prompts, allowing them to create beautiful and novel games in a fraction of the time.
  4. Code Quality Improvement: Unakin’s code gen model specifically adapted for Unity game development matches the quality of GPT-4, helping developers improve their code generation process.
  5. IP Protection: Private, siloed models that protect your source code and project context, ensuring your IP remains secure.

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