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Generate and ship user interfaces with simple text instructions.
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What is v0 dev?

V0 Dev is a generative user interface system developed by Vercel Labs, powered by AI. It allows users to create React code compatible with Shadcn UI and Tailwind CSS based on simple text prompts and images. Users can choose from three AI-generated interface options, customize them, and copy-paste the code for their projects. The tool is currently in a private alpha phase, with plans to expand support for different UI libraries and design systems. User data can be deleted upon request, and commercial use is subject to Vercel’s terms.



⚡Top 5 V0 Dev Features:

  1. Generative UI: Create user interfaces by simply describing what you want.
  2. AI-Driven: Powered by advanced AI technology to produce high-quality code.
  3. Compatible with Open Source Tools: Uses popular frameworks like React, Tailwind CSS, and Shadcn UI.
  4. Customizable Interface Options: Choose from multiple AI-generated interface designs.
  5. Easy Integration: Copy and paste generated code directly into your project.



⚡Top 5 V0 Dev Use Cases:

  1. Website Development: Build websites quickly and easily by describing your desired interface.
  2. Design Prototyping: Create interactive prototypes for new product designs.
  3. UI Testing: Generate different UI versions to test user experience variations.
  4. Code Conversion: Convert code from one programming language to another using the tool’s generative capabilities.
  5. Educational Tool: Teach frontend development concepts through hands-on experience with AI-generated interfaces.

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